It’s Good to Get Away…

It is my month of travel.  Of course, my mat is venturing with me.  Though I may not be on it practicing yoga everyday, I’m remaining PRESENT every step of the way.  Being present, whether you are on or off the mat, is part of the yoga journey. 

I just returned from the Yoga Journal Conference in San Francisco.  As a yoga teacher, I opted for the teachers’ track.  I was blessed with the opportunity to listen to and learn from many renowned teachers:  Judith Lasater, Aadil Palkhivala, Julie Gudmestad, David Swenson, Patricia Walden, Carlos Pomeda, Rodney Yee .  They were all  very down-to-earth, informative and full of life.  They are true people.  It was also very refreshing to be surrounded by and exchange ideas with yogis from around the country.  Hello to my roommate Kristy in Pittsburgh, PA and my new friends:  Trista in Alaska, Lori-Lee in Arizona and Tim in San Jose, CA. 

Next trip:  I leave on Sat for a week of skiing in Breckenridge, CO.  What a sight it is to ski down “real”, snow-covered mountains and what a delight.  Talk about being present.  You don’t have a choice!   

Travel is meditative and a yogic experience —that’s if you let it show you the way.   Keep your mind and heart open every step of the way.  I know I’ll be doing this as I slide down the slopes next week.  Namaste.  

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