To eat or not to eat?

Should you practice yoga on an empty stomach?  Many say YES stating that your last bite of food should be at least two hours before starting your yoga practice.  Eating too close to class time can cause cramps, nausea, etc.  This is especially true in twists, forward bends/folds, inversions (including downward-facing dog), etc.   Though for many of us living a hectic lifestyle, the timing of eating vs. taking a yoga class is not always perfect.  Often we find ourselves eating several hours beforehand and then an hour or two prior to class we’re starving. 

So the question really is “should you eat or starve your way through?”  For most, a small snack such as fruit, a light nutrition bar or yogurt at least 45 minutes prior to the start of class should be fine.  Keep it light —under 200 calories. As always, listen to your body.  If you’re starving and light-headed, eat a little.  If you do eat and are feeling cramps during class, drop to child’s pose.  Only you know what is best for you.  Listen to the teacher within you for the answer to “to eat or not to eat?”.        

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