How should I clean my yoga mat?

Such a simple, yet important question to address.  Having a clean yoga mat is essential to following the first niyama, saucha.  Saucha means cleanliness or purity.  In considering saucha and your yoga mat, use a sponge and a little mild detergent/soap (note, a “little”), hand wash with warm water.  Again, use only a small amount of soap because any residue may cause your mat to become slippery when it is wet with perspiration.  Some mats are machine washable but overtime they will wear down from the wash cycle.  It’s best to handwash your mat regularly.  Always hang/air dry which usually requires at least 12 hours (overnight) and do not fold or use your mat until it is completely dry.  Happy cleaning! 

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  1. […] My wife is attending a yoga class every other day. I can say that she is pretty good at yoga now. I have noticed that my wife always sees to it that her yoga mat looks clean. She said she learned about this stuff in a blog found on […]


  2. Awesome! Glad I could help.


  3. Thanks for this Tipp! Didn´t knew that i could do it on my own! Namaste, Sat nam


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