I’m bored with my home yoga practice. What do you suggest?

To keep your practice alive, always try something new when you come to your mat.  The obvious solution is getting a new yoga DVD or experimenting with poses you’ve seen in Yoga Journal.  However, to truly keep your practice exciting, learn to go deeper in your practice.  Deeper can be defined as truly being present and exploring the pose with breath or physically moving the body deeper.       Your experience each time you come to the mat should be different.  Learn to explore your yoga.  Make tiny tweaks in your Warrior I each time you do it.  For instance, take a wider stance with the legs or focus on squaring the hips forward and sinking deeper.  Or, move into Warrior I and stay for 10 breaths vs. 5.  Pick one thing in the pose and work with it.  The smallest tweaks in poses, as in life, can have a huge impact.  

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