Is it true that it’s not good for a younger person to practice yoga with an elder? I’ve heard the energy flow that is somehow “shared” during the class is not good for younger if shared with older.

Age is simply a number.  Prana (breath) flows through everyone keeping the body alive and energized.  Regardless of age, prana is different for each person.  This unique energy flow and internal light (spirit) define us as “individuals”.   On some days, your light shines bright (high energy) and on other days it’s dim.  Again, it’s independent of age.  Your energy flow is a result of what’s going on in your external and internal world. 

When practicing asanas, keep your heart open and your breath active.  Make your breath fluid and positive.  Remember when you’re on the mat, focus on YOUR energy.  When practicing yoga in a group, the energy of each individual’s spirit is shared with one another which creates a powerful sense of communal energy.   So let your energy shine and brigthen the energy of those around you.  Remember, age is simply a number.    

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  1. Posted by Raj on October 23, 2006 at 8:10 am

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